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Microsoft Announces C++ AMP for Developers

This year's edition of the GoingNative event witnessed Microsoft introduce a brand new, open specification, aimed at assisting C++ developers to make the most out of the incredible computing power of today's graphic processing units.

The new offering from the Windows maker, dubbed C++ AMP, was first unveiled on February 3, and as the name itself suggests, it will be totally devoted to the mission of C++ development.

According to Microsoft officials, C++ Amp will assist the developer community in accomplishing their long desired goal of exploiting the amazing performance offered by today's GPUs for beefing up the speed of computers significantly. However, to do so, the developers required to have an in depth programming knowledge as well as a highly specialised development skill. However, Microsoft claims that C++ AMP is quite capable of changing all these complexities involved in the process.

"As an industry trend, advancement in heterogeneous hardware has progressed at a rapid pace," said Soma Somasegar, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Developer Division, in a blog post as reported by eWeek.

"This in turn has fueled developer desire to target such hardware for accelerated computation, necessitating a significant step forward in programming models to enable such practices," Somasegar added.