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Microsoft Exec Outlines Windows Phone 8 Enhancements to Challenge iPhone, Android

Apollo, the codename for the Windows Phone 8 update that is expected to be released later this year (after the upcoming Tango), will be Microsoft's attempt to truly challenge Apple's iPhone and top-end Android smartphones.

Joe Belfiore, senior vice president and Windows Phone manager, in a video communication to partners at Nokia (seen by PocketNow), reveals some of the new features it is hoped will boost both companies to new heights in the market.

Some changes include support for multicore processors, new screen resolutions (totalling four, though not specified) and removable microSD card storage.

The company will also offer support for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which will allow Windows Phone to introduce its "Wallet experience", that many highend smartphones currently on the market, including iPhone, still lack. Additionally a tap-to-share function will work across platforms letting phones, tablets, laptops and PCs share content.

Microsoft intends to offer Windows 8 integration to users who buy handsets running Windows Phone 8. The mobile platform will be able to share user interface and applications with Windows 8.

When it comes to apps, Microsoft expects the environment to expand considerably; the company anticipates more than 100,000 apps will be available by the time the WP 8 mobile platform is launched.

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