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Microsoft Wants Plugin-free Web

Software giant Microsoft Corp.'s latest variant of the Internet Explorer browser blocks users from accessing browser plugins under the Metro environment. However, the company has disclosed an alternate methodology through which plugin-dependant sites can do their deed.

Through its official Internet Explorer development blog, Microsoft intends to have a in discussion with users and developers regarding the different aspects associated with the deployment of the proposed changes.

John Hrvatin - the program manager for Internet Explorer, highlighted in a post, all the plus points associated with plug-in free browsing. He also urged that web developers should proactively indulge in finding some consistent ways in order to assist users who have plugins disabled in their browsers.

"The transition to a plug-in free web is happening today. Any site that uses plugins needs to understand what their customers experience when browsing plugin free. Lots of web browsing today happens on devices that simply don't support plugins," he wrote.

"Metro style IE runs plug-in free to improve battery life as well as security, reliability, and privacy for consumers," Hrvatin added.

In case developers can't do without plugins, they need to use a Meta tag in the HTTP header to signal the metro style internet explorer to prompt the user.