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Microsoft Working Hard to Maintain Hyper-V, OpenStack Interoperability

Operating System Microsoft is likely to push to resuscitate the support for Hyper V in the OpenStack platform, according to new reports.

The Windows maker seems to have shifted to a damage control mode soon after the community's plans to root out the Hyper-V code from the stack had broken out in the media. It is worth mentioning here that one OpenStack developer even went on labelling the code as broken and unmaintained.

Microsoft came up with an official statement on the issue, saying that it was working hard in collaboration of the community members to resolve the issue. "Microsoft is committed to working with the community to resolve the current issues with Hyper-V and OpenStack," the company said in a statement, notes PC World.

Earlier, an OpenStack news group started by one of the leading developers within the community - Thierry Carrez revealed that the code supporting Hyper V was likely to be eradicated from the forthcoming build of OpenStack Compute.

Meanwhile, Tim Bell from CERN seems to be only guy out there who has openly come in support for continuing with the support for Hyper V.

"Are there other sites who are affected by this proposal who would be willing to invest effort to maintain the Hyper-V support?," Bell stated on the news group forum.