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Steve Jobs’ Angel Promoting Android Tablets in Taiwan

A dramatic enactment of the late Apple leader Steve Jobs along with wings has been attempted by a Taiwanese TV ad maker.

The advertisement [video below] portraying the late CEO with wings is aimed at promoting Action Electronics' Android powered tablet computer enriched with multi language dictionary.

The advertisement featured Ah-Ken, a Taiwanese quipster, who preened himself exactly as the late Steve Jobs. The actor then depicts himself as one who is crazy about Android operating system from Google. He then talks about the features of the tablet and starts flapping his wings in excitement.

The idea behind this ad is to convey a message that even if Steve used to mock about Android devices, still his portray loves it. The TV commercial's duration is about 20 seconds. Chelsea Chen, a spokeswoman for Action Electronics said: "Steve Jobs always promoted things that were good for people, Apple products, so his image can also promote other things that are good," reports Reuters.

The TV ad did elicit some critical reactions from the viewers as they did not find the video amusing and also decided to refrain from supporting the company. The people who were displeased with the video were of the opinion that the ad was looking more like a jeering act and not an image enhancer for the product.