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Virgin Media 100Mbps Broadband Reaches 10m Households Ahead Of Schedule

British ISP Virgin Media has announced it has connected its 100Mbps fibre optic product to 10 million households across the UK, months ahead of schedule.

The firm initially revealed it wanted to reach the milestone by mid-2012; so a full quarter cushion gives it ample time to get ready for competition from BT.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media, declared in a statement "Broadband is coming of age as more people give up on slow DSL in favour of superfast fibre optic speeds."

Virgin Media regularly tops nationwide broadband speed charts, with Ofcom announcing last week that the ISP reached 49Mbps on average on its "up to" 50Mbps packages.

In comparison, BT's Infinity product - which is also fibre based - managed 36Mbps for a theoretical maximum of 40Mbps. It did however surpass Virgin Media with an average upload speed of 8.8Mbps.

Virgin Media also promised to double the speed of its broadband package for all its customers with 100Mbps customers getting a 20 per cent speed increase and a price cut.

As expected though, prices will also go up by an average of £2.68 per month from the 1st of April, whilst that of rivals using BT Openreach might go down.

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