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Amazon to Open High Street Shop

Amazon could be set to open its first high street retail shop in just a few months' time, in the company's home town of Seattle.

It's thought that much of the focus behind this move is to increase the exposure, sales and uptake of Amazon's Kindle eReader and Kindle Fire tablets. While these devices don't make much for the retail giant, or in some instances actually lead to a loss, the ensuing content sales after the initial hardware purchase have proved extremely lucrative. Having a genuine shop allows people that aren't particularly computer literate to have a play with a tablet or eBook reader before buying - something they wouldn't be able to do online.

Amazon isn't the only company that has gone down the hard outlet route, with eBay opening a store in the UK just before Christmas. While that location didn't have any actual products that could be purchased, it too encouraged the use of tablets, by offering them to customers to browse eBay. Purchases could be made in-store, though there didn't seem to be much different from doing so at home.

However, with reports that more and more people are using their mobile phones to price check while shopping on the high street, a store dedicated to online retailers like Amazon and ebay hardly seems like a bad idea.

Source: T3

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