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Anonymous Leaks Emails, Downs Website of Haditha Marine Law Firm

Hackers collective Anonymous raided the network of law firm Puckett and Faraj and leaked numerous emails on the Web late last week, according to reports.

Puckett and Faraj happens to be the same law firm which represented Frank Wuterich - the staff sergeant who plead guilty for being responsible for death of two dozens of Iraqi nationals at Hadhita.

Wuterich, having been found guilty of the charges brought against him, was immediately demoted to the rank of a Private. However, neither him nor anybody else involved in the killing of the innocent civilians were sentenced to prison.

The cyber attack against the law firm commenced on Friday, and not only did the hackers steal emails, they also force closed its website.

Giving their reactions to these high tech assaults, the defence lawyers representing Wuterich stated in their Twitter account: "Puckett Faraj cyber-attacked Friday by cowards for defending Frank Wuterich from the government the hackers seek to destroy - go figure," reports Reuters.

Other than that, the firm is yet to come up with any further comments on the issue. Meanwhile, Puckett and Faraj employees are reportedly worried about the hack attack "completely destroy[ing] the Law Firm.