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Apple Mac OS X 10.7.3 Update Contains Retina Display Cursors

A number of Mac users, including Daring Fireball's John Gruber, have noted that the latest update to Mac OS X, v10.7.3, contains a set of updated icons which could indicate that Apple will be bringing ultra high resolution displays to non-mobile platforms.

The cursors have been rendered at a very high resolution and include the old Nextstep camera, prompting Gruber, a notorious Apple Aficionado, to say "we may be on the cusp of Apple releasing HiDPI Mac displays and/or HiDPI MacBooks. I.e.: retina display Macs."

The ultra high resolution means that the graphics remain sharp and antialiased. The update though has since been revoked because of stability issues.

Smartphones like the iPhone 4S already boast the highest pixel density of any mainstream electronics products on the market with 326ppi.

Desktop screens have a much lower pixel density although one can expect that to change when Apple introduces new MacBook Pro laptop and iMac desktop range.

Apple sells the computer with the highest resolution on the market at 2560x1440 pixels, and although we don't believe that Apple will increase the pixel count, we do believe that it will bring that resolution to much smaller screens.

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