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ASA Bans BT’s 'Most Reliable Wireless Connection' Ad

BT's goal of projecting itself as the country's most reliable wireless network suffered a massive setback last week after the Advertising Standards Authority asked it stop misleading marketing campaigns

Apparently, the advertising watchdog slammed the telecom giant by saying that despite projecting itself as the "most reliable" wireless service provider, BT is yet to come up with substantial evidence to back up its supposed superiority over its rivals in the market.

The ASA was referring to the television ad [below] aimed at promoting BT's wireless services - one which the advertising watchdog claims had failed to convince whether or not the signal-superiority BT projects, is actually related to Wi-Fi devices.

‘Because BT had not proven that the actual online experience was the most reliable, and because the ad did not contain a qualification to make clear that the "invisible network of competing signals" referred to signals emitted from non-Wi-Fi devices," the ASA explained reports The Daily Mail.

It added the claim for "the UK's most reliable wireless connection' referred to their Home Hub 3 router only and thus was misleading. The ASA further confirmed that they have asked BT to take the ad off-air, and warned it not to make similar claims in the future.