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BT has more than 3.5 Million Wi-Fi Hotspots

In what could be termed as yet another milestone achieved by the BT, the UK based telecom giant has announced on a proud note that it is currently in possession of over 3.5 million Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the UK and Ireland.

Giving further insight into the statistics, BT went on to reveal that its entire wireless internet infrastructure can now boast of over 380,000 access points in the city of London, near about 20,000 in Edinburgh, more than 25,000 in Birmingham as well as over 11,000 in Bristol, Liverpool, Brighton and Cardiff each.

The company had bragged last month saying that it had beefed up its Wi-Fi infrastructure by equipping Wales with near about 170,000 hotspots and Scotland with 320,000.

"Millions of BT broadband customers are enjoying free access to one of the biggest Wi-Fi networks in the world," John Petter, consumer managing director at BT, bragged, reports Cable.

This new announcement from the company has coincided with the launch of a brand new BT application for BlackBerry - an app, which makes it far easier for BlackBerry users to go online.

"Our free apps for the Apple, Android and now BlackBerry devices make getting online even easier," Petter added.