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BT To Launch 300 Mbps Broadband In 2012

BT has announced it will roll out fibre-optic based broadband capable of hitting 300 Mbps throughout the country next year, a move it described as being a "game changer".

As of today, the telecom giant's top of the range offering reaches speeds of upto 100 Mbps as part of its Infinity Package. However, as the company excels in the technology it describes as a "game changer", the maximum average speed will increase threefold.

By comparison, the average broadband speed in the UK stands at just 7.6 Mbps, according to a recent evaluation by Ofcom, and is largely weighed down by the popular but slow copper network maintained by BT's OpenReach.

BT further stated it is looking forward to generating a "mass market" for super fast broadband connections amongst SMBs (small and medium businesses) within the country.

"We think this is an absolute game changer. Overnight you've gone form a network that's got the potential to do 80 Mbps across two thirds of the country to a network that on demand can do 300 Mbps," Mike Galvin from Openreach said in a statement to BBC News.

However, the company has also hinted that the installation cost and line rental of this forthcoming 300 Mbps connection will also be higher than for the current copper-based one.

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