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Chrome Browser sees First Decline in Market Share for Two Years

Having lead the industry with its impressive growth record for two consecutive years, Google's Chrome browser suffered a minor setback in January this year as its market share underwent a minor decline.

The revelation was made by NetMarketShare, according to whose statistics the browser's market share declined from 19.11 percent to 18.94 percent in the month of January 2012. Firefox is marginally ahead with 20.88%, while Internet Explorer is still well ahead with 52.96%.

The downfall, however little it may be, could make Google have second thoughts about its recent efforts to promote Chrome - both on the technical front, as well as in terms of marketing.

According to the report, it is Google, and no-one else who is to blame for this declining performance by Chrome. Apparently, the firm has pin-pointed the recent ad scandal that brought Google and Chrome into the headlines for the wrong reasons.

"Though the marketing firms involved took responsibility for the campaigns and said that Google had not directed them to violate its policies, Google applied a search penalty to Chrome's Web pages," Thomas Claburn of Information Week noted in his report.

"The penalty, reportedly in effect for 60 days, has reduced the Google PageRank of Chrome pages," the report added. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.