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Exclusive : Asus Issues Statement Over Transformer Prime "Quality" Matter

Asus got in touch with ITProPortal to provide us with an official statement and an update on what it calls the "Clove/Transformer Prime situation".

The online UK retailer had publicly announced its intention to pull the Eee Pad Transformer Prime from sales citing quality issues.

Asus originally refuted "any and all claims from third parties regarding the quality of our products" but following a number of statements over at the Inquirer, decided to clarify what is becoming an increasingly muddy situation.

Asus told us that these statements are factually incorrect, in other words, that Clove is not telling the truth. (ed : you can read the review of the Prime on our sister site, ITReviews.)

Clove said that it "took the decision to thoroughly test stock before fulfilling any orders", that it received a "reasonable stock allocation" and "did some random testing on the stock".

However Asus is adamant that this "allocation" has not been delivered to Clove "in case there is any confusion over [the word] ‘allocation'" our interlocutor added.

Clove, Asus says, "has received one unit of Transformer Prime from distribution to date".

There have been reports of issues related to the wireless connectivity of the Transformer Prime tablet which may be linked to the fact that the outer casing of the device is made up of metal.

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