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Google, Facebook Forced to Remove 'Offensive' Content in India

Internet giants Google and Facebook have removed "offensive" content from their India-specific domains following a court order, according to new reports.

Earlier, both these sites along with a handful of other websites including Yahoo! and Microsoft were ordered by a court to remove all "objectionable" content from their respective domains, or face legal consequences.

Apparently, all these Internet firms were dragged to court by a Muslim petitioner named Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi, who alleged that there was a lot of "offensive" content on these sites which were hurting the sentiments of not only muslims in India, but those from all over the world.

The Indian government also joined the party and asked 21 websites including Google and Facebook to remove all "offensive" content that portrayed derogatory images of the country's political leaders, as well also those that could hurt religious sentiments.

"The review team has looked at the content and disabled this content from the local domains of search, YouTube and Blogger," Google spokeswoman Paroma Chaudhry said in a statement, as reported by the Register.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that the company has "filed an application for rejection of the suit on the grounds that it disclosed no cause of action against Microsoft".