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Google's Heads Up Display Terminator Glasses Coming Soon

Google's heads up display Terminator glasses could be just around the corner according to some sources, though unfortunately it seems it won't be translucent. Why not make it an eye patch in that case?

It's not clear yet what sort of information you'll be able to view in the glasses, but we do know that it'll include a camera that potentially could allow for some augmented reality. According to Cnet and its sources though, the camera is thought to be "last generation," with a relatively low pixel count.

Beyond some virtual reality elements there will also be a menu system of sorts. Navigating through this will have to be done with head movements which could lead to some pretty hilarious twitches.

It isn't known at this point whether there will be a big hardware roll-out with multiple versions or if Google will just make a few available to test the waters, see if there is a reasonable market for it.

Companies have been trying to incorporate hardware with headwear for a long time. Whether it's caps with radios built in, or Oakley's MP3 player sunglasses, they've never really hit off as a mainstream accessory or fashion item.

Would you wear augmented reality glasses from Google? It would certainly make for an easy way to get street view images from a civilian perspective.

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