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Hackers Release Symantec PCAnywhere Code

Security software maker Symantec, it seems, is living its worst nightmare ever as Anonymous - the infamous hacktivist group has released PCAnywhere source code on the web for everyone to see it.

The code was released on Pirate Bay file sharing site on Tuesday after negotiations for payments broke down between Anonymous and Symantec. The security firm has told ZDNet UK that it was looking into the matter.

Along with the code, an email chain has also been released that shows an alleged Symantec employee offering $50K to the hackers in lieu of not releasing the code and making a public announcement that the hacking group actually didn't possess the code besides saying that it was a false claim.

Symantec, while denying of such an email conversation, claimed that it wasn't prepared to meet with hackers' demands and that they were not in touch with the hackers. Symantec spokesperson Cris Paden revealed that it was the law enforcement agents who were perusing negotiations with Symantec. "Anonymous has been talking to law enforcement, not to us," said Paden reports Forbes.

YamaTough, the alleged hacker behind the hack, has claimed that he has more than just PCAnywhere's code. He claims to have access to source code of Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton GoBack, Norton Utilities and Norton SystemWorks code and that the code is up for sale.