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Honeywell Sues Nest Labs over Thermostat Patent Infringement

The pioneer of high efficiency thermostat, Honeywell has dragged Nest Labs Inc. into a legal conflict, alleging that Nest has breached seven Honeywell patents involving a key thermostat technology.

The litigation was filed in a U.S. district court in Minnesota. The case said that the patents were regarding the uncomplicated techniques of using the thermostat. Honeywell is claiming for damages, which is indicative of the company's intention to prohibit Nest Labs and Best Buy from marketing Nest Lab's Learning Thermostat.

Honeywell has a motive to maintain its monopoly in the thermostat market. Thus it is creating hindrances in the marketing activities of Nest Labs. Honeywell claims that Nest has pirated its user interface control features of the thermostat.

Honeywell also claimed that Nest Labs has copied many other features of the thermostat. One of them is the temperature controlling ability inculcated by Honeywell in the product. Another one in the list of copied characteristics by Nest includes the power stealing technology. The power stealing technology enables the thermostat to extract power from electric wires. Honeywell executives are of the opinion that there is no reason for Nest Labs to boast about its learning thermostat, as most of its product characteristics are embezzled from the innovative pool of Honeywell's resources.

Nest Labs employed a group of adept engineers in the field of consumer electronics, design the learning thermostat. The ongoing price of the thermostat instruments in the market is pegged at $250. The modern day thermostat is superior that the conventional ones. These can be used through smartphones and computers.

[Source: Wired]