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HTC Issues Fix for Smartphone WiFi Security Flaw

It was revealed in a recent report that due to a software issue with Wi-Fi security in some HTC Android handsets, networks could become prone to hacking activities.

Apparently, the flaw meant that phones were disclosing the Wi-Fi passwords, thus enabling malicious users to break into someone's network and gain access to confidential information. HTC has since managed to resolve this issue, and provided automatic updates for most of the affected handsets, though some phones will require a manual update that should be available shortly, the company said.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, as a CRM technique, decided to upload all the information regarding a fix for the problem onto its website's help page. Due to this issue the company has faced criticism from some experts who said it should not have required so much time to detect the technical fault. But HTC has recieved some credit for its prompt CRM actions for dealing with the fault once discovered.

Of course the possibility still remains that during the period when the network security was unsecured, private data might have been intercepted by malicious users. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.