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iPad Owners far Happier with their Tablet than Kindle Fire Users

A recent study from ChangeWave Research shows that customers who opted for Apple's iPad were far more satisfied than those who went for a rival tablet, including the increasingly popular Amazon Kindle, as Metro reveals.

The report suggests that the most popular tablet currently on the market looks like holding on to that position for a while yet, as it is making more owners happy. The report showed that newer contenders to the iPad's crown are a safe distance from the leader.

"While the 54 percent Very Satisfied rating for the Kindle Fire is considerably below the 74 percent rating of the industry leading Apple iPad, it is higher than the 49 percent average rating for all of the other tablet devices combined," said the ChangeWave report.

The report also revealed which features are most appealing to customers. For the Kindle Fire the price tag is by far the thing customers like best, as 59% of them admitted. Colour screen, ease of use and the selection of books available are the other appreciated qualities that attract buyers to the Kindle Fire. The lack of volume up/down button and also the lack of camera are the most common dislikes.

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