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iPhone and iPad Models Removed from Apple's Online Store in Germany

Apple has come off second best in yet another legal battle, this time against Google's newly acquired Motorola Mobility, who recently won a permanent injunction against Apple's iCloud service in Germany.

As a consequence, Apple has had to pull iPhone and iPad models from its online stores. Motorola decided to fight Apple's European branch and filed a case against it last April, accusing Apple of infringing Motorola's patent with the email-push provided by iCloud services, ZDnet reports.

Motorola's infringed patent allows a "multiple pager status synchronization system and method". The court's decision is not applicable to the entire European market, but only applies in Germany. As a consequence, Apple was forced to pull the previous iPhone models from online stores, with only the latest generation iPhone remaining.

Also, all iPad models with support for 3G must be removed under the ruling. However, Apple won "a temporary suspension of the enforcement of the injunction." This means Apple still has some time before making the necessary adjustments. One Apple official explained to German fans "While iPad and iPhone models are currently unavailable in our [German] online store, our customers will still be able to find these devices in stores or at authorised retailers."

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