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iPhone 5 to be Unveiled at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June?

The upcoming iPhone 5 (we hope, this time) will arrive this Summer at Apple's annual developers' conference, if the latest rumour from prominent Taiwanese website DigiTimes is to be believed.

The officials at Cupertino headquarters have apparently decided to unveil the sixth generation iPhone a few months sooner than most analysts have been expecting. "Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 5 smartphone at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to be held in June 2012," DigiTimes writes, quoting information published by the Chinese-language Commercial Times.

Some might think the Worldwide Developers Conference would provide a high profile setting for a significant discussion about iPhone 5. However, this would not be in the good Apple tradition.

A device that raises such a high level of anticipation as an iPhone, is generally given its own event by Apple so that it doesn't share the limelight with, or indeed steal the limelight from, other releases.

It seems other handset manufacturers are looking to adopt a similar launch strategy, with Samsung for example, opting to launch its Galaxy S3 at a separate event rather than the upcoming Mobile World Congress, as many expected.

In addition, DigiTimes informs us (in its certain manner) that the next iPhone will feature 'glass to glass touch panel technology', which will be advantageous to TPK Holding and Wintek, the manufacturers expected to provide this feature.

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