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LibreOffice Growing at a Steady Pace Says TDF

According to statistics revealed by The Document Foundation (TDF), LibreOffice is expanding at a rapid pace and surpassing all industry expectations.

The data provided by TDF (see infograph below) shows that, as of today, near about 400 developers have contributed to the code of LibreOffice project. It further added that the active number of contributors in a month, usually stands anywhere between 50 and 100.

The Document Foundation kick started its journey in the industry about one and a half years ago. The vision was pretty simple - to develop and bolster LibreOffice as one of the most reputed office suites in the market. In fact, to be more specific about its history, the project was launched right after the enterprise software maker Oracle purchased Sun with the vision of facilitating an improved governance model.

TDF also revealed that the net number of monthly commits to the LibreOffice project usually tends to be in the range of 1500 to 3000.

And, it's not just the developers' community that the project is counting on. The LibreOffice project is believed to be climbing up the ladder at a rather steady pace in terms of popularity amongst end users. According to TDF's 2011 estimations, at least 10 million customers had tried this open source productivity suite.

[Source: The Document Foundation]