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London Olympics May Cause Internet Breakdown

The British government is working on measures to tackle potentially sluggish Internet speeds during the forthcoming London 2012 Olympic Games.

The main concern is the sheer number of users who will be accessing the Internet during the Games, which commence 27th July. With live audio and visual streaming on offer, the impact on the UK's Internet infrastructure could be significant, potentially resulting in disruption of service for many UK residents. In light of this possible scenario, the government has warned city dwellers to be prepared for any possible communication breakdowns during the mega-event. An advisory document, entitled "Preparing Your Business For The Games" [PDF], has been made available on the official London 2012 website.

Many experts believe that a significantly reduced Internet service during the Olympic Games could have a major impact on the profitability of businesses that rely on fast and efficient connectivity.

The Government has been working with ISPs in an effort to alleviate the potential bottleneck. One solution could be the implementation of data caps during the Games, in an effort to share the bandwidth fairly across a wider cross section of users.

If you're thinking about simply using your mobile phone if your Internet connection falls over, don't count on that either. The Government is also concerned about mobile phone network capacity, especially around the Olympic Village and other event locations. In an attempt to avoid this problem before it happens, additional network coverage is being put in place around the Olympic venues.

[Source: The Inquirer]