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London Police Arrest Olympics Police Fraudster

London police has managed to uncover an online extortion scam encompassing the London 2102 Olympics following which a 24 year man has been arrested on suspicion of fraud.

The scam lured gullible users into believing that there was a contract in place to supply buses for police officers during the games and that there was an initial investment that was required to be made. Falling for this, a 69 year old woman handed over a whopping £140,000 ($220,000) to the 24 year old fraudster reports CBSNews.

What was more worrying is the fact that the cheats falsely represented themselves as agents of the Scotland Yard police and that they used an online dating site to entice unsuspecting people.

The Metropolitan Police unit dubbed Operation Podium deals with organised crimes that are connected to Olympics. The recent arrest is not the first one in this case as it follows two arrests made during December last year. Police believe that such online frauds will be on the rise up until the Olympics and that people need to be more careful when dealing online.

The police also expressed concerns by saying that in the coming Olympics, people may rely on unofficial websites to arrange their tickets quickly. This may enhance the confidence of defrauders more.

"...we would urge the public across the world not to fall victim to these or any similar schemes. Suspect anyone you don't know personally who is asking for money in this way and who uses the name of a well known organisation, such as ours, in an attempt to add credence to their claims", said Detective Superintendent Nick Downing, reports The Guardian.