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New Facebook Scam Goes Viral, Infects Thousands of Systems

A new Facebook spam campaign, one which reportedly infects the victims' computers with malware, has caught the attention of security researchers.

The spam campaign first surfaced on Friday last week, and ever since has gone viral and already infected numerous users worldwide. In fact, it took the spam campaign only three hours to lure as much as 60,000 users to follow the link it contains.

So, those users who come across any news feed that shows one or more of their Facebook buddies expressing their concerns about the US attacking Iran and Saudi Arabia, have been advised by security experts not to click on that particular news feed.

"U.S. Attacks Iran and Saudia Arabia. F**k :-( [LINK] The Begin of World War 3?" the spam message reads. It then redirects the unsuspecting victims to a fake CNN webpage, featuring some fake footage about the imaginary invasion.

When the users fall into the trap and go ahead with playing the video, they are asked to download and install a new version of Adobe Flash Player. Needless to say, what the users take for Flash Player actually turns out to be just a fake AV solution.

"The bad guys are rotating through scam pages trying to stay ahead of Facebook," Sophos Senior Security Advisor Chester Wisniewski told IT World.

More on the spam campaign here at Naked Security, Sophos.