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Nokia To Launch High End Phone At MWC 2012

Nokia will launch at least one new high end smartphone at Mobile World Congress, in a few weeks' time in Barcelona, according to a report published by Forbes.

An unnamed source said that the handset will debut at the tradeshow and won't be AT&T's Lumia 900 which was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

The source - according to Elizabeth Woyke - added that it was unsure whether the device will be a Windows Phone handset but singled out the fact that the phone would run an "unusual software feature" normally found on high end smartphones (ed : we hope it's not 3D).

Many expect the phone to be an updated version of the Lumia 900 for the European markets, one called the 910, which would come with a 12-megapixel camera like the Nokia N8.

Could it be that Nokia will release either a Windows-based tablet, in a bid to play catch up in a market dominated by Android and Apple's iOS?

Or will Nokia ruffle some feathers by announcing a high end smartphone based on Symbian, Nokia's own mobile platform.

Either way, Nokia will be holding a press conference on the first day of the MWC event in the morning and we will be part of the audience.

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