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Noon News: Google 'Solve for X', Facebook Scam Infects Thousands of Systems, Apple TV in Canada

Google has revealed that it is coming up with a new project which will be totally dedicated to radical problem solving. The company explained that the new project, dubbed "Solve for X", will facilitate users from all over the world by providing a perfect platform whereupon they can interact with one-other, and help the community to come up with revolutionary technology in order to solve global problems.

A new Facebook spam campaign, one which reportedly infects the victims' computers with malware, has caught the attention of security researchers. The spam campaign first surfaced on Friday last week, and ever since has gone viral and already infected numerous users worldwide. In fact, it took the spam campaign only three hours to lure as much as 60,000 users to follow the link it contains.

Further rumours have emerged regarding the impending launch of the Apple iTV, this time coming from Canada's biggest national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. The news outlet claims that Apple is looking to partner with Rogers Communications and BCE Inc for the debut of the Apple TV.

Whether or not all the human rights violation related charges brought against Foxconn are true, only a proper and in-depth investigation can tell; but, it seems like the company - one of the key manufacturing partners of Apple, never fails to make it to the headlines for wrong reasons.

An intriguing piece of research has surfaced courtesy of a former Apple intern who now works as a Core OS Engineer at the Cupertino-based company. Tristan Schaap worked for 12 weeks in 2012 as an intern with Apple's Platform Technologies Group and published a Bachelor thesis based on his work there.