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New RIM CEO Makes First Public Appearance At BlackBerry Developers Conference

BlackBerry DevCon Europe 2012

Canadian smartphone manufacturer RIM's new president and CEO Thorsten Heins has made his first public appearance in his new role, at the company's first developer conference in Europe, known as BlackBerry DevCon Europe.

Heins said that he was "thrilled to have been passed the reigns of becoming the CEO of Research In Motion", also noting that he was "absolutely convinced that RIM has an exciting future ahead of it".

BlackBerry DevCon is RIM's first developer conference in Europe, along with being its biggest ever, anywhere in the world. This event was sold out with over 2,000 registrations.

The new CEO explained that "Europe Middle East and Africa are key to our future strategy and to our continuing growth".

Heins was keen to point out that BlackBerry is still the number one smartphone brand in certain countries, with RIM's devices topping sales in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Untied Arab Emirates, Kuwait and South Africa.

Despite the recent troubles, Thorsten Heins mentioned that there have been 180 million BlackBerry mobile phones sold around the world, to date, while there are 75 million active BlackBerry subscribers.

This represents a 35 per cent growth year-on-year, with 75 per cent growth in Europe alone.