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Sony Patented its Own Wii U Tablet Style Controller

A Sony patent filing has emerged that seems to show a tablet like controller very similar to the one which Wii U has and is expected to be a big part of the next generation console.

Some line drawings appeared along with the patent filing, showing a controller with a central Dpad, several side buttons and what appears to be a large screen - presumably touch sensitive - communicating with the console and a TV sensor. Another figure hints at an augmented reality system, where looking at a gamer using the tablet device shows them as having robotic arms and holding a real gun. This would require a Kinect style camera being built into the controller as well, which could have some interesting consequences. Perhaps a second player could scan the area around the player looking for enemies.

Venturebeat has the rest of the images, with the US Patent Office detailing the patent filing in itself. Some other suggested augmented reality uses include "the avatar or vehicle is rendered to face in the second view direction," allowing a second player to handle alternative views to the first player. Essentially allowing for a split screen setup with the main player not being privy to what his partner is doing.

The patent filing also discussed the use of two such controllers, how they could track the distance between them to control certain aspects of the game. They could also be used to control direction through the facing of each tablet like device.

Get to the base of the claims and you find out that the controller could also have the ability to hook up with glasses that have an integrated display in at least one of the lenses.


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