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TalkTalk to Provide New Customers with 'Active Choice' on Parental Controls

TalkTalk has announced that from February all new customers, who sign up for the company's broadband network, will be provided with the option to activate the parental control web service.

The move, which is basically aimed at restricting children's access to potentially harmful web content, has been applauded by the UK government too reports The Telegraph. It's been a while now since TalkTalk unveiled Homesafe - the aforementioned parental control web service.

"This is encouraging progress and a welcome example of what internet service providers can do to help safeguard young people from harmful content on the internet", said Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone.

Homesafe is an effective way to block children's access to websites featuring adult content such as gambling, violence, pornography and other such inappropriate material that could corrupt underage users' psyche.

With this new offer, TalkTalk has become the first ever internet service provider in the country to have made available "active choice" - the move it believes will help in facilitating a safe virtual existence for the young-ones.

"We hope that by offering all new customers an upfront choice about activating HomeSafe they will realise there is a wealth of support available to them," Dido Harding, Chief Executive of TalkTalk stated reports 4-Traders.