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TeaMp0isoN Targets Nigeria for OpNigeria Rampage

Hacktivist organisation TeaMp0isoN has now targeted Nigeria as part of OpNigeria Rampage, releasing information from "influential sites in Nigeria" in a Pastebin posting.

The latest action was announced on the TeaMp0isoN Twitter account, where 'Trick' posted a simple Pastebin link, along with the hashtags for #TeaMp0isoN and #OpNigeria Rampage. This came just a few minutes after a similar post was made linking to another download claiming to contain leaked Peruvian government documents.

The Nigerian Pastebin posting contains names of several hackers, presumably members of TeaMp0isoN, as well as a short message to any Nigerians reading:

"Tonight we've got some databases from some influential sites in Nigeria. Contained within are admin passwords as well as tons of other information from these databases. Revolution is the only way for evolution; Nigeria, raise up and confront your oppressors."

The download links posted lead to Fileserve with three potential '.rar' downloads. They contain some pretty hard to decipher information, though there are contact details, login usernames and passwords along with the names of account holders. However there's also some seemingly random information as well, including book titles and mission statements of certain organisations. There's also a lot of practically empty files.

According to the pastebin post, those involved in the hack include: @_TeaMp0isoN ; @_f0rsaken ; @_MLT_ ; @phantom4life ; @C0RPS3_TP ; @aXiom_tp ; ap0calypse Shoutz to: Che_Hackera.

Whether anything will come from this remains to be seen, but it seems that TeaMp0isoN is expanding its targets.

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