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WebOS Soon to be Better than Android Says HP

WebOS may be down, but certainly not dead, and it's just a matter of time till this troubled HP proprietary OS returns to haunt the arch rival Android and iOS - that's the sort of message HP's CEO Meg Whitman conveyed to the tech world during her latest interview with CRN.

WebOS was recently made available by HP as an open source platform and Whitman seems to be of the opinion that the move taken by the company not only could bring back it into shape again, but will also play a decisive role in giving it an edge over the market leaders such as Android and iOS.

Interestingly, Whitman's bold statements have come at a time when a number of crucial members involved in the WebOS project, including Brian Hernacki - the chief architect of WebOs and Jon Rubinstein - Palm's former boss parted their ways with HP.

"This has been a very rocky period for the former Palm team/webOS team that we built. And this was not a happy set of occurrences over the last six to eight months," Whitman stated during the interview, reports Toms Guide.

"So we have lost some people. Some are going to sign off, and that's OK, because we actually now have a way forward," she added.