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£202.80 ViewSonic VX2753mh-LED LCD 27" Widescreen Full HD Display

Equipped with a 27" widescreen display, ViewSonic presents the VX2753mh-LED LCD display capable of Full HD resolution and ideal for business and home users alike.

With a mega dynamic contrast ratio of 30,000,000:1 and a response time of just 1ms, the 27-inch display is ideal for gamers as it would provide them with amazing visuals without any latency or judder which is essential for an immersive gaming experience.

The LCD display is capable of 1920x1080p resolution and with through the two HDMI ports you can connect any Full HD compatible source i.e. Gaming console or digital set top box or Blu-ray player and enjoy high definition visuals.

With integrating speakers capable of SRS Premium Sound, the monitor will provide you with an alternative means of audio source in case your speakers have given up on you.

The glossy black finish gives this LCD a very modern look and would fit seamlessly just about anywhere - be it your study, living room or your work place.

3 years of manufacturer's warranty should be more than enough for a complete peace of mind. But, you need to hurry in case you want to buy one as there are only 3 left as of this writing. is offering the ViewSonic VX2753mh-LED LCD 27" Widescreen Full HD Display for £202.80.