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Antec Announces the One Case

Antec has announced a new case known as the 'One' as part of its gaming series, offering "cooling and convenience features at an affordable price."

Antec describes it as a case that works for gamers, enthusiasts or new system builders and has several features that could make it worth a look. Front panel I/O ports include a pair of USB 3.0 as well as audio in/out. Tool-less installs are used for the 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch drive bays and the interior is kept quite roomy to allow for large CPU cooler and graphics cards installation.

Cooling wise there are only two pre-installed 120mm fans, but there are a few expansion slots that will let you put extra 120mm fans at the front, side and at the bottom - though this latter one can also take a 140mm.

The Antec One supports several motherboard form factors, including standard ATX, microATX and Mini-ITX and there are seven expansion slots for add-in cards and graphics cards.

Unfortunately for those who like a fancy looking chassis, you'll only be able to get this one in black. It's not a bad looking case, with a funky looking convex side panel, but it's pretty standard - there's no big gamer styling. It looks quite similar to the iconic Cooler Master stacker.

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