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Apple iPhone makes 75% Profit from just 9% Sales in Mobile Phone Market

According to a recent report published by Asymco Apple's iPhones are by far the most profitable phones on the market, at a huge distance from its competitors.

The Cupertino based company claimed the lion's share of the profits from the mobile phone market, which was valued at $15 billion in the final quarter of last year. "Apple reached 75% of profit share, nearly 40% of revenue share and 9% of units share," writes Horaţiu Dediu, analyst for Asymco, leaving the figures to speak for themselves when it comes to Apple's supremacy.

Apple and its main rival, the South Korean tech giant Samsung, together own the market, as they pile up 91% of profits. Research in Motion, once the star of the smartphone market with its all famous BlackBerry smartphones appealing to business users, now barely holds on to third place in this list, with 3.7% profits.

HTC Corporation, the Taiwanese manufacturer is rising fast and now has 3.0% of profits; most analysts predict that HTC will get ahead RIM soon. The Finnish phone maker Nokia is well behind with 1.8% of the mobile phone profits. When it comes to revenue, Apple (39%) and Samsung (25%) hold the first two places.

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