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Apple Planning to give iCloud, iOS a Boost with Oracle's ZFS?

Apple is looking at the Zettabyte Files System (ZFS) from Oracle to improve the performance of iCloud and iOS for iPhone and iPad, and has been investing heavily in ZFS appliances, according to

One of the aspects of ZFS is related to snapshot technology allowing data to be "compressed and encrypted, de-duplicated, and (then it) can transfer delta, bit differential, updates between cloud and device." This translates into enhanced efficiency for backup functions.

ZFS was created by Sun Microsystems and later adopted as part of the Solaris operating system and now is owned by Oracle. The recent rumour about Apple taking advantage of ZFS' Snapshot might not be so farfetched as it might sound at a first glance. Previously, Apple included some of the ZFS' features in early versions of Mac OS X.

Now analysts point out that the officials form Cupertino headquarters are eying this file system as it is "particularly well suited for cloud environments and storage pools, which might be why Apple is looking at it again in the post iCloud," as Rene Ritchie of iMore suggests.

In addition, the new technology will boost not only the performance of Apple's new iCloud service, but it would bring significant advantages to the backup and restore functions of the iPhone and iPad.

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