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Brazil Drags Twitter to Court, Seeks Removal of Accounts Providing Roadblock Warnings

The Brazilian government has sought legal action against Twitter by filing a lawsuit against microblogging site and asking it to remove all those accounts which are warning citizens about police speed traps and roadblocks.

The government is concerned that such warnings could weaken its efforts to tackle the ever-growing drink-driving issue. On that note, the government dragged the microblogging site right into a federal court in the state of Goias. The lawsuit filed by the AGU (Attorney General of Union) seeks compensation from Twitter in tune of a whopping £183,000 per day until the site complies with the demands put forth, reports BBC.

Twitter, as of now, has not come up with any official statement. Interestingly the lawsuit has come just weeks after Twitter announced that it was happily willing to take down any "offensive" material from the site, provided the government(s) comes up with a formal request.

Chief Prosecutor Celmo Ricardo Teixeira da Silva as saying: "The prosecution responded to a necessity to ensure the effectiveness of action on surveillance of the federal highway police."

Chilling Effects doesn't contain any reference to the lawsuit as yet.