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Google Addresses EU Privacy Concerns with a 3-page Letter

Google, not paying heed to requests by the EU privacy regulators, has refused to delay the roll out of its latest privacy policy changes.

EU had asked the search giant to hold back its privacy policy, in the bid of getting time to review the policy, in terms of whether the policy is conducive to the user's privacy. But, Google did not pay attention to the lawmakers remarks and in a 3 page letter to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and chairman of the Article 29 Working Party, Peter Fleischer, global privacy counsel for Google explained reason behind the merging of several policies into one.

In the letter Fleischer has told Jacob Kohnstamm that Google has unified its privacy policy into one single set, as it will help in simplification of the policies and will aid better understanding of the policies by the users.

Google's act of wrapping up the policy into one set, has elicited concerns from advocacy groups such as the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a public interest research group, and

Google's argument is that at no stage during the extensive pre-brief session did any of the data protection authorities come up with an objection or suggestion for a pause in the roll out. Considering this as an indirect consent for the merger of policies, Google has notified nearly 350 million users about the impending changes.