Intel Unveils 520 Series Solid State Drive

Barely one year after it launched the 510 Series solid state drive, US based semiconductor giant, Intel, has introduced its newest SSD - the 520 Series.

Intel brags that the new offering will eventually make the SSD adoption process amongst both corporate clients as well as consumers a lot faster than it is today. The company further claimed that the Intel SSD 520, which comes up with a 5 year warranty as well as an extended Intel validation, will soon emerge as a benchmark for rest of the SSD industry.

The drive, which has been termed by its maker as the fastest ever in the history of SSDs, flaunts speeds of up to 6 Gbps and comes equipped with SATA III interface.

"We tapped Intel engineering to create a client SSD that delivers performance on all fronts with obsessively high reliability," Intel vice president and general manager of the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, Rob Crooke said in a statement.

"The Intel SSD 520 once again raises the industry bar on SSD performance, quality and reliability to dramatically improve user experience," he added.

Find the press release here.