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iPhone 4 Rival Alert : Nokia Lumia 800 To Launch As A $899 Bundle In US

It looks like the Nokia Lumia 800 will be cheaper in the UK than in the US, based on a report from The Verge's Tom Warren who mentions sources close to Microsoft's Lumia launch plan.

The device will be available unlocked from Microsoft's retail stores in the US of A, without any carrier support and will target Valentine's day (with a launch date set for the 14th); there will be a white version of the phone available soon.

The bundle, which will cost a whopping $899, will include Nokia Play 360 Wireless Speakers, Purity HD stereo headset, plus an in-ear Bluetooth headset; they carry a MSRP of $199, $149 and $79 respectively.

In comparison, the standalone Lumia 800 costs only £370 in the UK, with the Lumia 710 available from as little as £199.99 on Pay as you go from O2 or Three.

The Lumia 800 is positioned as the mainstream handset in the US with the Lumia 900 being the top of the range model (and currently available only from AT&T).

Unfortunately, it appears that US customers may not be able to use an imported (and cheaper) version of the Lumia 800 if they want to use it on AT&T's 3G bands.

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