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iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 may use Cutting-edge Waterproof Shield

Both Apple and Samsung fans are eagerly waiting the next-generation high-end smartphones, and a recent report suggests that impressive new technology could be included in both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Apparently, the tech giants are looking to employ a special nano-coating that will make the devices the waterproof, iPhoneFAQ reports.

Liquipel and HzO, are two companies which made a splash at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, introducing the Waterblock Technology. This technology uses an "invisible vapour coating" which wraps around even the internal parts of the device, and provides waterproof protection.

Apparently, the new technology caught the eye of Samsung officials who were "really excited by the tech," especially after the HZO representatives used a Galaxy S smartphone for the tests.

On the other hand, Apple officials were also impressed by Liquipel technology, which does exactly the same thing: makes iPhone immune to water damages. And now, a rumour coming from the UK phone retail industry, that insurance documents are going to be changed to adapt to this new feature, have lead some to the conclusion that Apple is planning a partnership with Liquipel, or HzO for that matter.

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