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Microsoft Windows 8 App Store Gaming Launch Titles Confirmed

Microsoft is seemingly refocusing on PC games as it has been confirmed by The Verge that 11 games will be part of the launch titles that will be available with Windows 8 through the app store.

The move taken by the Windows maker, according to many industry experts, is likely to improve its image as a friendly company for the game-loving population, as well as small-scale publishers. As of now, the list of confirmed titles includes the likes of Ms. Splosion Man, Hydro Thunder, Angry Bird, Tentacles, Crash Course, Rocket Riot, Reckless Racing, Full House Poker, Wordament, Toy Soldiers, and Ilimilo.

"The new games service in Windows 8 will integrate more directly and take more features from Xbox Live than the Games for Windows Marketplace has done, and be part of the app distribution service Microsoft is folding into its upcoming Windows release," notes PC Mag.

Considering that Microsoft has expertise in PC games, the current lineup of games for the Windows 8 app store seems to be a bit weak when compared to other game distribution sites and companies. The argument can be that the limited no. of launch titles might be just a start of what's to come in future, but considering that it is coming from Microsoft, it is a bit disappointing.