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Nicira Goes After Cisco, Juniper With Virtualisation Platform

Nicira has unveiled a new networking resolution system, called Network Virtualization Platform (NVP), which is going to address one of the most mind numbing challenges in networking, how to virtualise networks

The solution is capable of spawning virtual networks infrastructure while being hardware agnostic. Since the network platform is totally isolated from and not dependent on any physical hardware, it can be easily and rapidly implemented - without any disruption or hardware change - and at a lower cost.

Nicira adds in a whitepaper that "Network virtualisation frees cloud service providers from the tyranny of vendor lock-in, including slow network hardware upgrade cycles" with the added advantage that the isolated virtual networks maintain their "own address space, statistics counters, QoS, security configurations, and other higher-level network services".

The company has received investment from Marc Andreessen's investment firm and from VMWare's co-founder and former chief Diane Greene; the NVP is already implemented by eBay, NTT, Fidelity, AT&T, Rackspace amongst others.

Companies interested in Nicara's NVP can pay for it via a monthly contract model model which is based on the number of virtual network ports used.

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