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Over 25 Per cent of School Children Victims of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying seems to be on the rise again as a new research sheds light onto how thousands of children from across the country are still subject to such severe abuse.

Worse even, the research went on claiming that an overwhelming portion of those who are being subject to such cruelty over the Web, have been victimised for over a year now. The revelation was made by the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) backed Beatbullying study and it claimed that almost 28 per cent of children belonging to the age group of 11-16 are exposed to online bullying.

The research included an extensive survey carried out on 4,605 children and young people. Out of these 5 per cent of the children revealed that they have resorted to self-harming and 3 per cent of those have attempted suicide.

The Beatbullying study further reveals that 14 per cent of those who are victims of this cruel act are often reluctant to go to school or other places for the fear of their own safety.

Cyber bullying is not limited to children only and surprisingly, nearly 10 per cent of teachers who participated in the study have revealed that they have been at the receiving end of such bullying attempts.

"Cyberbullying continues to be a dangerous problem for a significant number of young people and we must not ignore its complex and often devastating effects", said Beatbullying chief Emma-Jane Cross.

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