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Raspberrypi PC To Launch End Of February

Those waiting for the $25 ARM-based GNU/Linux box Raspberry Pi to debut, will be pleased to learn that the first batch of the innovative computer will be shipped on the 20th of February from China.

According to a blog post on the product's website, interested parties will be able to buy them - Model B with Ethernet - by the end of the month.

The small delay was due to the fact that the quartz crystal packages that were originally planned to be used on the Raspberry Pi PC were in short supply. A new, smaller and cheaper model will be implemented in future iterations.

It was also revealed that the Raspberry Pi was initially supposed to be manufactured in the UK but ended up being assembled in China.

In addition, Raspberri Pi announced the availability of a 205-page long datasheet that describes the peripherals on the Broadcom BCM2835 ARM chipset that powers the tiny computer together with Broadcom's own VideoCore IV graphics.

This will be helpful for those looking to port non-supported OSes to the platform or understand Linux Kernel sources used in the project.

The company were planning to sell the device for around £15 in the UK.

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