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Tesco Rolling out Free Wi-Fi at all Extra Stores

Tesco, in an attempt to augment the status of its services, has decided to install Wi-Fi service in all the Tesco Extra stores spread across the UK. The Wi-Fi service is facilitated by UK broadband and mobile operator O2. The real catch of this Wi-Fi service is that it is absolutely free in the stores.

The people who step into the Tesco Extra stores can enjoy free internet for hours by signing up with their club membership card number. Those who do not possess the membership of Tesco Extra stores can access the service for 15 minutes every 24 hours. This will be suitable for people who just want to browse through the product specifications and price information.

People can also enter into their membership account while they are online. This helps them to tally essential information.

Tesco is the first supermarket chain that has facilitated its customers with free in-store internet. A survey conducted on the customers visiting the Tesco Extra stores, has revealed that 82 per cent of people who once experienced this service, tend to repeat their visits to the Tesco stores. Tesco has registered a surge in its customer base due to the introduction of this Wi-Fi service.