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White Nokia Lumia 900 Leaked, Officially!

Finnish mobile giant Nokia seemed to have accidentally disclosed details of Lumia 900 White on the Web.

The leak, which the company cannot blame anyone else for but itself, has been termed by the tech fraternity as a clear indication of the device's international launch looming on the horizon. Slash Gear has it that Microsoft store employees have already begun pre-orders for either white or black Nokia Lumia 900.

Apparently, Nokia was all set to discuss the Lumia 800 White on its official Facebook page (no content available now). However, call it a human error - but for whatever reason, the company posted an image of the front camera flaunting Lumia 900 White instead of the intended image of the white Lumia 800.

The device was first announced by the company at the recent edition of the Consumer Electronics Show hosted by Las Vegas. No specific timeline has been revealed by Nokia for the launch of the handset though. But, if we are to believe the word on the streets, there is a high probability of it being dished out in the forthcoming Mobile World Congress event.

The Lumia 900 White will come equipped with a 4.3 inch AMOLED touch screen display, dual camera - the one at the rear may be of 8 megapixels. The battery life is also likely to be enhanced with the introduction of a 1,830mAh battery.