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80 percent of parents can't work their children's gadgets

A new study reveals how an overwhelming majority of today's parents are left totally clueless if asked to operate their children's gadgets, with over 80 percent failing the task.

The study was carried out by the ParentPort website, in a joint initiative by the Advertising Standard Authority, Ofcom and the Press Complaints Commission.

This report sheds a light onto a lot of interesting aspects, associated with the digital life of today's younger population. It claims that over 66 percent of children are allowed by their parents to watch movies, which are usually considered to be unsuitable for their age groups.

It further stated that nearly one in four children play video games that are classified for the adult population only.

The study also found that about 16 percent of parents bought their children a gadget that they did not understand, or could not use themselves.

"This survey reveals the challenges facing parents when it comes to their children's use of the media," Ofcom's chief executive Ed Richards stated, Telegraph reports.

ParentPort was launched last year, with the vision of providing parents across the country a perfect platform, for drawing the attention of authorities towards any inappropriate media content.

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