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AM News: Windows 8 Gaming Launch Titles, Motorola Motoluxe Smartphone, Mozilla Firefox Silent Updates

Microsoft is seemingly refocusing on PC games as it has been confirmed by The Verge that 11 games will be part of the launch titles that will be available with Windows 8 through the app store. The move taken by the Windows maker, according to many industry experts, is likely to improve its image as a friendly company for the game-loving population, as well as small-scale publishers.

Motorola will launch the Motoluxe in the UK towards the end of February according to a press release issued by the Google owned company. The handset is squarely aimed at what the firm calls "style gurus" and "UK fashionistas", with keywords like ultra-vogue or rail-thin inserted to emphasise the market targeted by Motorola.

LG will launch the Miracle, a midrange Windows Phone 7 handset, soon and a picture of the device has been put online by Pocketnow. The handset appears to be a Windows based version of the LG Optimus Black, one which was launched at CES in 2011.

Mozilla is working on ‘silent updates' in a bid to reduce the amount of interruptions that a user faces during an update to the Firefox browser. According to the non-profit organization, it is working on various improvements to the Firefox update process aimed at removing interruptions during the update process and through a blog post aims to explain five of those improvement areas.

Google, not paying heed to requests by the EU privacy regulators, has refused to delay the roll out of its latest privacy policy changes. EU had asked the search giant to hold back its privacy policy, in the bid of getting time to review the policy, in terms of whether the policy is conducive to the user's privacy.